Board Members

Principal Officers

Dan Freiberg


Dan was elected in 2021 to President, and has been a principal officer of the executive board since 2009, first serving as the vice president and operational trustee. Dan manages the executive board, and with the input of the team, sets the direction and vision of Local 4005. Dan also serves as the Executive Vice President of the Professional Firefighters of Arizona and an IAFF 10th District State Representative for Arizona.

John Boyce

VICE President

John began his service to the Local as the Working Conditions Trustee in 2019. As the Vice President, John fills the role of the President when necessary and was elected to this position in 2021. John fills many roles within the Local, from managing all support functions of the organization to assisting the Trustees in their projects and responsibilities.

Orion Godfrey


Orion began as the Benefits Trustee in 2013 and is currently serving as the Secretary Treasurer, to which he was elected in 2019, with the ancillary role of the operational trustee. Orion manages the finances for the Local and ensuring that our members’ dues are allocated and spent responsibly. Orion also manages the schedules and meetings, while also ensuring all state filings, candidate endorsement letters, and other formal documents are maintained.

Marc Holstein

Political Action Officer

Marc was appointed to this position in 2021 and coordinates political events and activities related to our supported political candidates and elected politicians.

Alex Dominguez

Charities Director

Bio coming soon.



Clay Whitlow was appointed this position in 2023. Clay has over 4 years of experience, serving as a union treasurer and charities board member. Clay hopes to bring his experience and knowledge to the Member Services Director position and looks forward to working with each and every member in the Goodyear Fire Department.


Communications Director

Brad was appointed this position in 2022 and has over 30 years of experience in technology. Brad helps manage our website, social media presence, and coordinates with others in the Department for messaging.

GIOvanni mendez


Gio has been involved in merchandise for the UGFF for more than 5 years. He's also responsible for much of the graphic design that the UGFF uses. He's widely considered to be the Swagmaster 1000, dropping fire since 2019.

Executive Board

Michael Gugel

Benefits Trustee

Michael was elected into the Benefits Trustee position in 2023. Prior to that he served as an interim Working Conditions Trustee and the Member Services Director since 2021. He helps ensure all of the members are being paid correctly and they understand the benefits offered to them, both from the city and union.

Neil Roberts

Disciplinary Trustee

Neil was elected to this position in 2015 and serves the membership by representing them in all cases related to discipline. Neil advises and represents members who are confronted with investigations and has vast knowledge in all relative policies, state and national laws, and any other pertinent information related to fair representation and ensuring our members rights are supported.

Jake Casillas

Working Conditions Trustee

Jake was appointed to member services director in February of 2023. After serving for 8 months as member services director Jake was elected as working conditions trustee in October of 2023. As working conditions trustee Jake is responsible for accepting members concerns for any working conditions issues. He is further responsible for directing members appropriately and advocating on behalf of this Local.