Organizational Collaborative Process

The OCP Mission

The Organizational Collaborative Process (OCP) is a robust and comprehensive labor management program that helps to create a work environment that provides the highest level of service while maintaining healthy and safe working conditions for our members. We like to think of ourselves as two sides of the same coin and strive to find solutions to our problems together. The OCP is a collaboration between the UGFF Local 4005 and the Goodyear Fire Department, with each side having a co-chair within each committee and sub-committee.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is co-chaired by President Dan Freiberg with Fire Chief Paul Luizzi. This committee receives all final work and recommendations from the sub-committees and either puts them into Department policy, directive, or practice; or pushes them back down for more work based on a lack of consensus.

OCP Leadership Team

The OCP Leadership team serves as a clearinghouse between the sub-committees and the Executive Committee. The OCP LT ensures that only completed and fully vetted work makes its way to the Executive Committee. They serve as oversight of all sub-committees and ensure that co-chairs at other levels have the resources and perspectives necessary to make recommendations through the process.

The OCP Leadership Team consist of Orion Godfrey, Local 4005 Co-chair and Operational Trustee and John Boyce, Local 4005 Co-chair and Support Services Trustee.



The Deployment Subcommittee is responsible for all operational decisions within the Goodyear Fire Department. They work to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of overtime, while also ensuring that minimum staffing levels are met, and all operational policies satisfy the needs of the public and our members.

Co-chair Orion Godfrey


The Logistics Subcommittee prioritizes the demands of a safe working environment through the purchasing of equipment, apparatus, and fire stations. This includes complex builds and other projects in which our members working conditions and safety is paramount.

Co-chair Jake Casillas

Hazardous Materials

The HazMat OCP evaluates our hazmat practices, staffing, policies, and training. They determine the appropriate amount of technicians within each rank, and select members who wish to go to school.

Co-chair Marc Holstein


The Safety OCP strives to constantly find new and innovative ways to enhance safe work practices. They have input on fire station design, apparatus specifications, and the equipment that enters operations. As leaders in the cancer reduction strategy, the Safety OCP employs creative new ideas to minimize the risk to our members.

Co-chair Michael Gugel


EMS is a major part of the modern fire service, and the EMS OCP works to create training, assist members, and vet new equipment. The EMS OCP also selects members to attend paramedic school and works with them to ensure success.

Co-chair John Boyce


The Training OCP identifies strategies for utilizing all forms of training – in many different formats. They are also responsible for all new hire and promotional processes. Their work is transparent and thoughtful, which provides confidence and trust by the members of this Local.

Co-chair Neil Roberts