Member Services

We’re Here For You.

We exist to serve our members. We fulfill a broad spectrum of all of our member’s needs. From the celebration of beginning a new career and welcoming them to our family, all the way to the party in reminiscing of memories at the end of their career, and all the best and most challenging times in between.

We are here at a moment’s notice to help in a multitude of ways that benefits our members and their families. One of our most highly sought values is relationship; not just within our own local, but locals in the valley and across our nation. We take pride in not only caring for our own, but any IAFF member who wanders into our region. As a group, it is our mission to treat everyone like our family. With our diverse backgrounds and passion to step beside you in all you go through, we are here for you.

Are You Facing A Hardship?

If anyone needs any help of any kind please send an e-mail to to begin the process, or get in touch with any Union Officer to get the process started.

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